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    Friday Favorites – Baby Edition

    After a mere 7 weeks of motherhood, I already have a LOT of favorite baby things. So many lovely people gave us beautiful clothes, hair bows, toys, books, and much-appreciated advice. In lieu of dumping all of that info on you, I narrowed this list down to 8 of my absolute favorite baby-related things. Some are physical things, and some are virtual things, but all of them are things I just love. If any of you have babies or are soon to have babies, I hope this is helpful and that you find some new favorite things too!

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    Friday Favorites

    Just a few of my current favorite things this month.   Book: I wrote earlier this week about some of my favorite biographies and mentioned the one I’m tackling this summer – Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. All 542 pages of it.    Blog: The Motivated Millennial. Hannah’s blog is incredibly helpful and inspirational. She provides a ton of great resources for entrepreneurs, millennials, students, and military families. I’m super glad I found her blog in the beginning stages of my blogging experience.   Recipe: This Corn Dip. I loooooove this corn dip recipe. I’ve made it a few times for parties (including today!) and it’s always a big hit. I like it best…