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    Pregnancy Update

    As many of you know, we are expecting our first baby in May. I haven't written much about pregnancy so far, because it has been flying by. So now that I'm in my 30th week (as of tomorrow) I thought I would give a quick update, and recap my pregnancy so far. And my goodness, it has been busy!

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    4 Reasons I Created This Website.

    Hey guys, for my first blog post I decided that I should give you a little information about why I decided to start this website. I’ve outlined here the four main purposes that my brand new website serves. Let me know what you think! 1. As a Professional Resource. Originally, the main purpose of this website was as an ePortfolio for some of my photography and social media work, and that remains one of its primary functions. Over the past several months I’ve been working with a variety of clients doing freelance work ranging from Photography, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Web Management, and I’ve absolutely loved it! I’ve only…