<h2>Travel</h2> I hope you enjoy my travel guides and recaps! I love to explore new places, and I especially enjoy getting to know the area that I live in. Being a military family, we move around often. This has its drawbacks, but it also provides amazing opportunities for us to explore new areas! I am always excited to go on day trips and weekend trips in the area we live in - whether I am in my hometown, in a new state, or in a new country. I'm so excited that you've decided to follow along as I go on all of the wild, fun, crazy adventures that result from being an Army Bride. I hope you'll stick around for a while!

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    California Central Coast Girls Trip

    A few months ago, I was able to spend an entire week with my sweet friend and sister/adventure buddies in San Luis Obispo, California. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was about 4 weeks pregnant, and nauseous the entire trip. But despite this, we had a great time and saw a TON of the beautiful central coast. Our home base was Bethany’s apartment in San Luis Obispo. Her apartment was right smack dab next to the ocean. My first day there, I happily ate my less than picturesque fast food lunch while overlooking the ridiculously scenic beach. It was a wonderful thing. We were there for an entire week, so…

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    Best Food in El Paso, Texas

    Since living in El Paso, Ivan and I have made it a point to eat at locally owned restaurants as much as possible (and reasonable). We love getting to try food that is unique to the area, and that we can’t get just anywhere. So for a change of pace, I thought that today I would share our favorite El Paso restaurants. If you’re planning a trip to El Paso, moving to Fort Bliss, or just a local looking to try something new, I think there’s something for everyone on this list.   Breakfast:   Bonny’s Cafe I’ve recommended this restaurant before because it is soooo good, and definitely unique! I’ve only…

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    Weekend Arizona Roadtrip

    A few months ago we went on a quick Arizona roadtrip to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon with my husband's parents. This was my first, and only time so far, in Arizona and let me tell you, it was breathtaking! I absolutely loved getting to see all of the amazing natural wonders between Phoenix (where we flew in) and the Grand Canyon. Arizona is full of beautiful scenery and if we had the time we could have stayed for weeks and not run out of things to do. Alas, we only had 3 days to fit in as much of Arizona as possible, and I think we made good use of…

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    Highway 1 Honeymoon

    Last week we celebrated one year of marriage! It’s amazing how fast this year has flown by. We have had so many adventures over the past 12 months, and we have been able to see so much of our little part of the world. So to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary, I thought I’d take some time to tell y’all about our first married adventure – our California Roadtrip Honeymoon. My main goal on this trip was to take in as much of the Pacific Coast Highway as we could practically do in a short trip. I had seen this scenic highway featured in old movies and photographs countless…

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    48 Hours in New Mexico

    I had a sweet friend come to visit me a few months ago while my husband was away for training (army life, y’all) and let me tell ya, we had a blast! She was in town for a week so we decided it would be fun to take a quick little weekend trip to see a few of the sights in New Mexico. Because we were starting from El Paso, TX, we could drive to pretty much anywhere in New Mexico in less than 7 hours. So we mapped out our route and hit the road. After much planning about how to most efficiently see all of the places on…

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    Old Friends, New Town

    5 Days In and Around El Paso. March was a field month. That’s just the army way for me to say, my husband was gone for training. In reality, he was probably only 20 miles from El Paso, but because he was doing training he wasn’t able to come home for a few weeks. This would honestly have been a really not fun (read: lonely) time for me, if not for the fact that I was able to have friends come visit me. I feel so incredibly blessed that not one, not two, not three, but four friends (including my sister!) were able to come stay with me while my husband was…