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<h2>Military Life</h2> This is where you'll find all of my blog posts relating to military life and being an army wife. Here you can find all the inside information on duty stations, deployments, reflections from my army wife experiences, and advice. I hope that you'll find my insights to be helpful as you go throughout your own journey in life, whether you are in the military or have a loved one who is. Military life can be challenging, but it's also very rewarding. With all of the disadvantages it brings, there are also many blessings that the military lifestyle can provide, if you just know where to look. I hope you will stick around and continue to read more about my crazy, fun, adventurous life as my husband and I continue to go wherever the Lord and the Army conspire to send us.

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    4 Reasons I Created This Website.

    Hey guys, for my first blog post I decided that I should give you a little information about why I decided to start this website. I’ve outlined here the four main purposes that my brand new website serves. Let me know what you think! 1. As a Professional Resource. Originally, the main purpose of this website was as an ePortfolio for some of my photography and social media work, and that remains one of its primary functions. Over the past several months I’ve been working with a variety of clients doing freelance work ranging from Photography, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Web Management, and I’ve absolutely loved it! I’ve only…