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    Seasonal Living ~ Autumn

    It feels silly writing about Fall when it’s been a 100ish degrees outside every day for the memorable past. But it's officially autumn, and I’ve always been one to plan ahead anyways. So here’s to anticipating cooler weather and crunchy leaves. Today I wanted to share something a little different in hopes of incorporating some of these things into my own life, and hopefully, encourage others to do the same. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how to live more seasonally...intentionally planning meals using fresh, seasonal produce, decorating my home in simple, fresh ways, and just generally enjoying each season as it comes. In doing so, I hope to…

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    10 Free Things to do in San Antonio

    The other day I posted that we’ve been in San Antonio for 8 months...and I had to count it out like 5 times, because HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! That means we’re almost halfway through our time here. And I still feel like we just arrived. That being said, I thought it was about time I finally shared some of my favorite things to do in San Antonio - so without further ado, here are 10 Free Things to do in San Antonio, Texas.

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    Books to Read my Daughter

    Reading has always been a major aspect of my daily life. When my siblings and I were young, our parents would read the Bible, classic Children's books, and humorous short stories to us on what seemed to be a daily basis. From the time I could read on my own, I would read myself to sleep every night. Growing up, reading was about so much more than basic literacy. Reading taught me to use my imagination, to engage with history, and it instilled real-life values in meaningful ways. As a new mom, I want to pass these things on to my daughter. The best way I know how is to…

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    Friday Favorites – Baby Edition

    After a mere 7 weeks of motherhood, I already have a LOT of favorite baby things. So many lovely people gave us beautiful clothes, hair bows, toys, books, and much-appreciated advice. In lieu of dumping all of that info on you, I narrowed this list down to 8 of my absolute favorite baby-related things. Some are physical things, and some are virtual things, but all of them are things I just love. If any of you have babies or are soon to have babies, I hope this is helpful and that you find some new favorite things too!

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    We Had a Baby!

    When I was looking to update the blogosphere on the advent of our parenthood, I couldn't decide what to focus on. A tell-all about my experience having a baby in a military hospital? A detailed birth story? A soul-baring post about my diagnosis with ICP?In the end, I've decided just to give you an overview, picking up where my last Pregnancy Update left off. I'm leaving the door open to go into greater detail on any of these in the future. But, for now, you'll have to settle for the big picture post. And the big picture is I'M A MOM! And just in time for Mother's Day too.

  • Military Life

    5 Problems New Military Spouses will Probably (Definitely) Face

    Being a military spouse comes with its own unique sets of challenges, different from those of military members. If you're a new military spouse, I'm sure you can relate to most of these...or if not, at least you'll know what to expect. And if you know a military spouse, maybe this will help you to understand their perspective just a bit better. So without further ado, here are 5 Problems Military Spouses Will Probably Definitely Face:

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    Pregnancy Update

    As many of you know, we are expecting our first baby in May. I haven't written much about pregnancy so far, because it has been flying by. So now that I'm in my 30th week (as of tomorrow) I thought I would give a quick update, and recap my pregnancy so far. And my goodness, it has been busy!

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    Two Weeks in Italy and Greece

    A few months ago, during our PCS from El Paso to San Antonio, Ivan had the chance to take several weeks of leave. Since this opportunity doesn't come up very often, we decided this would be the perfect chance to take a big second honeymoon. The main reasoning behind this (besides finding super cheap tickets!) was that we knew it would be at least 2 years before we would have another block of time this long that Ivan could take off of work. Plus, we reasoned, who knows what our lives will be like in 2 years - we'll probably have a baby by then and that would make a…

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    5 House Hunting Tips

    Last Fall, we moved to San Antonio, courtesy of the Army. Which means that last Fall, I got to have my first IRL “House Hunting” experience. After hundreds of episodes of House Hunters and Fixer Upper, I felt that I was up to the task. And it ended up going smoothly with no major disagreements between my husband and me before the final commercial break. Ok, so there were no commercial breaks. But we did have a very busy, but fruitful weekend full of seeing tons of crappy houses. And a few good ones too. This was my husband’s second time to purchase a house, so he gladly handled the…