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The Big List of Podcasts

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I spend a lot of time at home with a baby, who cute as she is, is not a great conversationalist, so I’ve really become a podcast junkie lately. We try not to have the tv on when Susie is awake, so I rarely watch anything during the day. I do try to read a lot, but that’s not always feasible (and audiobooks really aren’t my jam) so podcasts are a great alternative. Whether I’m cooking dinner, cleaning the house, or driving I want to listen to something engaging…so 9 times out of 10 when that happens, I head straight to the podcast app.


There are two podcasts that I listen to daily (for the most part) to get all my up to date info on news, current events, and politics. Without these, I may as well have my head buried in the sand. 

The Briefing

I’ve become such a devotee of Albert Mohler. I really appreciate his insight into so many current events. He talks a little politics, a little culture, a lot of current events, and all of it from a Biblical perspective. He often addresses topics using the phrase “thinking Christians” and I just really want to be one of those…so I like to hear from a thoughtful Christian to start my day.

The Ben Shapiro Show

I really enjoy following politics, so I listen to Ben Shapiro religiously to get a conservative/libertarian perspective on politics and news. It’s really the gold standard of conservative podcasts, so this should be no surprise. 


These are the podcasts that are not daily but are still a regular part of my listening routine. 


I’ve been listening to Allie Stuckey’s podcast Relatable since the beginning. She covers politics, culture, and Christianity. I am not totally on the same page as her theologically, but I do think she has a great Biblical perspective on politics and social issues – especially when talking about abortion, self-love, and toxic mommy culture. 

She Reads Truth

This podcast is still pretty new, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite. I look forward to Mondays because of their episodes, they are always so gracious and Biblically minded. They continually point to scripture in a way that really encourages me to love scripture and love spending time in the Word. 


This is also really really new, but I am such a fan of Ruth Chou Simons. I was SO excited to learn that she and her husband were starting a podcast, so I’ve been listening since literally day 1. Ruth is the artist and author behind GraceLaced, and the mom of 6 boys. I kind of just want to be her. But since that’s not going to happen, I’ll just satisfy myself with listening in on her family’s foundational Biblical advice. 


Also a super new podcast, Verity with Phylicia Masonheimer is one of my new favorite things. I just started following Phylicia a few months ago and have become such a huge fan. She brings Biblical truth in an unapologetic way that our culture desperately needs. 


These are things I listen to if I have some extra time, I’m caught up on all my usual ones, or I’m in the car for a bit longer than usual. 


I definitely binge listened to all of these over the last month. It’s just so interesting. They look at a variety of cult and cult-ish movements from a Biblical worldview. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to witness to cult members or those who want to learn more about the Biblical worldview and how it compares to others. 

At Home with Sally Clarkson & Friends

Sally Clarkson is the author of some of the most practical books on Christian motherhood and family life. I read three of her books, “The Mission of Motherhood,” “The Ministry of Motherhood,” and “The Lifegiving Home,” last year, and several of her other books or on my reading list. She is such a sweet encouragement in her podcast and listening to it is so refreshing. 

The Andrew Klavan Show

Another of the Daily Wire podcasts, I listen to Klavan to hear a different perspective. I also appreciate his mailbag answers. I don’t agree with him on many (if not most) theological issues. But I do think he has a good take on culture and politics.

Babylon Bee

I’ve just begun listening to some of these. They’re pretty entertaining, albeit a little silly. For those of y’all who are fans of the Babylon Bee’s articles, you probably will appreciate this one. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to pass. 

Risen Motherhood

Another refreshing podcast. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for heavy politics or theology, and Risen Motherhood is a great resource for both practical theology and encouragement. 


Marked is the Lifeway Women podcast. They interview a lot of the Lifeway teachers and authors, and the hosts are just a delight in themselves as well. I don’t listen to every single episode, but I do listen to episodes of topics I’m interested in or the interviews of authors I like. 

The Candace Owens Show

I don’t listen to her all the time, but she does interview some really interesting people, so I do keep track of this podcast to see which interviews I’m interested in listening to. 

OK, so this was a LOT of recommendations, but I have listened to all of these many times and for some of them, I’ve listened to every single episode. They all fall into the conservative, Christian category in one form or another, but each with a different angle.

What podcasts do you have in the background of your day? 


The Big List of Podcasts - All my favorite conservative, Christian, motherhood, and more podcasts. The Big List of Podcasts - All my favorite conservative, Christian, motherhood, and more podcasts.


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