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Favorite Things: February

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I have a lot of favorite things this month…and most of them are podcasts. But when I’m not listening to podcasts, I’m often reading. So I’ve included a few of my favorite books this month. And when I’m not listening to podcasts or reading books, I occassionally watch tv. So here are some of my favorite things I’ve been listening to, reading, and watching in the month of February.


I was talking to a friend the other day and started recommending podcasts…and I realized I may have a small problem. But there are just so many good ones out there. I listen to a couple (not listed here) on a daily basis. But I’ve also discovered a few new-to-me ones that have some great topical episodes.

Cultish podcast

It’s not as dark as it sounds! This podcast by Apologia gives a really insightful perspective on various religious movements and spiritual practices (some more cult-ish than others) and addresses a variety of issues from a Biblical worldview. 

Verity podcast

I was recently introduced to Phylicia Masonheimer via instagram and have really appreciated hearing her take on various Theological and Cultural issues. She just started her podcast in February and I’ve listened to the first few episodes, which have been really good. 

SRT podcast

Pretty sure I recommended this around Christmas as they were just starting the podcast before Advent. But it’s been such a great resource. I’ve even listened along on the episodes that coincide with reading plans I was not doing and got a lot out of it. Such an encouraging podcast to start your week off with. 

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart

I thought I should throw in something non-podcast-y here, but the only music I’ve been listening to lately has been this…I’m not sure if Susie appreciates it yet, but it brings back good memories for me and hopefully as time goes on, she’ll begin learning the verses as well!


Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship

Without a doubt the most beautiful book I own. This was my Valentines gift from Ivan (per my request) and I just love reading through it and looking at the artwork each morning. 

She Reads Truth Lent Reading Plan – Jeremiah

I’ve been a big fan of She Reads Truth for years at this point, and while I don’t read every single reading plan, I do really enjoy following along with the church calendar plans. As an evangelical, the church calendar is not always used, but personally I find it helpful. I was excited to start this one on Jeremiah this week because I’ve never studied Jeremiah before. Lent just started on Wednesday…so if you want to read along with me it won’t be hard to catch up!

A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers

I first read this book shortly after graduating high school along with several friends, and I still remember conversations I had with them about it now. So I was super excited when a different friend gave me this beautiful hardcover copy for Christmas! I’m about halfway done rereading it, and it’s interesting to reflect on how I’ve changed since the first time I read it and shared those conversations with sweet friends years ago. 



Home Town on HGTV

I rarely watch cable tv, but when I do it’s HGTV. I’m not a big tv person, but I am a big before and after person. And historic homes are my favorite. And when the budgets are incredibly realistic, I’m even more of a fan. So Home Town really hits all the major requirements for me and we watched a lot of it in the month of February.

What’s Up Doc?

This is one of those classic movies from my childhood. It’s ridiculously silly, but all around enjoyable. We watched this while my brother was in town earlier in February, and it was just as funny now as it ever was. 


February Favorite Things - Books, Movies, Podcasts February Favorite Things - Books, Movies, Podcasts


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