10 Great San Antonio Restaurants

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10 Great San Antonio restaurants - JuliaAuburn #sanantonio #satx #sanantoniotx #alamocity #restaurants #food 10 Great San Antonio restaurants - JuliaAuburn #sanantonio #satx #sanantoniotx #alamocity #restaurants #food

I am definitely NOT a food blogger. Nor do I eat out an inordinate amount. But to this day, a solid year and a half after posting it, I still get multiple visits a day to my post: Best Food in El Paso, Texas so I think it’s safe to say that my food critic skills are well established. Also, I just love food, so today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite restaurants from here in San Antonio. And if you follow my list of 10 Free Things to do in San Antonio you’ll have plenty of spending money left over for eating out. 


Magnolia Pancake Haus

YUM. This was the first restaurant recommended to us when we moved. And it’s the first place we recommend to people visiting or moving to SA. There’s a reason it’s SO popular. I’ve tried several things on the menu, and most of those twice because they were too good not to repeat. 

Guenther House

The most scenic place for a breakfast date in my opinion. I really love the whole Southtown/King William area, so eating at the Guenther House is such a treat. Historic homes are my jam. On top of its general historic charm, it’s SO pretty at Christmastime. 

NOLA Brunch & Beignets

I love NOLA the city, so it makes sense that I also love NOLA the restaurant. Shrimp & Grits are always a delight. And of course you can’t come without ordering some beignets for the table (and they actually are good, NOLA-style beignets.) They also always have a seasonal flavor. Plus they have weekday brunch, unlike many other places. 

Coffee & Tea

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery

I’ve only been to the Davis Ct. location, but it has the best coffee shop vibes. It’s in a cute old house, so you know I love that. And there are always lots of college students there, so it’s good to relive your glory days if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Brews Lee Tea


Boba lovers unite. Brews Lee

 not only has the best name for a Boba place on record. But it really is my favorite of the Boba places that we’ve been (and there are a surprising number of them in San Antonio.) It’s great because they customize the level of sweetness in your drink, unlike many of the other places that serve sickeningly sweet tea. But if you’re from the South, like me, you may also like that kinda thing…so you can have it that way too. 


This may be my favorite coffee shop because the St. Mary’s has a drive-thru and it’s NOT Starbucks #sorrynotsorry But actually it is super good. And like Brews Lee, their menu offers varying levels of sweetness. I am a half-moon drinker all the way. 


Demos Greek

Greek food may be my favorite of all the foods. Just check out my Two Weeks in Italy and Greece post to verify. I. love. Greek. food. There are a few locations around, but I’ve only been to the St. Mary’s Street one, and it really is everything I want in a Greek restaurant. Plus their french fries are the BEST. 


This is our go-to for Mexican food downtown. It’s a million times better than anything on the riverwalk, and we’ve always had really good service. Plus their salsa is roasted and just has such a unique and delicious flavor. 10/10 would recommend (and have frequently.)

Bird Bakery

SO CUTE! I guess you could consider this a dessert place since the word bakery is in the name. (And the thing that made me want to go in the first place was seeing that they serve their mini-cupcakes in an egg carton.) But their lunch is great. I crave their spinach-artichoke grilled cheese constantly. If you ever need to get me a surprise meal, this isn’t a bad option, just putting that out there. 


La Fonda on Main

The prettiest place. They’ve been going strong since 1932 for good reason. It is the perfect place for taking out of town guests or for a date night. This is everything I want in a classic San Antonio restaurant. Literally everything I’ve had here has been delicious.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these are my go-to recommendations. Let me know what staple SA restaurants I left off…there are still so many I’ve yet to discover!


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