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All the Books I Read in 2019 – Nonfiction

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If you haven’t yet and feel so inclined, please go back and read the first part of this post All the Books I Read in 2019 Fiction

And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s my favorite part – the nonfiction edition. I read a LOT more nonfiction than fiction this year, and I think I covered a pretty large range of topics, but for the purpose of this post I’ve broken them down into 3 main categories – Christianity, Motherhood/Parenting, and History & Biographies. I’m not going to give summaries for every book, but I did highlight my top 3 books in purple, in case you were wondering which ones I particularly recommend.



History & Biographies

All the Books I Read This Year, part 2: non-fiction #christianbooks #nonfiction #biographies #readinglist All the Books I Read This Year, part 2: non-fiction #nonfiction #biographies #christianbooks #readinglist All the Books I Read This Year, part 2: non-fiction #nonfiction #reading #books #christianbooks #biographies


  • Chrissie

    How would you say all the reading has impacted you this year? When you think about where you were at the start of the year spiritually, to where you are now, what has been the impact? I’d love to know. Good on you for sharing this, you’ve inspired me to do something similar. Bless you xx

    • juliaauburn

      Great question! I think the main thing that’s changed is my attention span. With constantly being on my phone or computer, my attention span has grown very short over the past few years, and I’ve seen a big improvement once I made myself sit down and read more regularly. And while that’s not a very spiritual answer, I do think that improvement has affected many areas of life, including spiritually, because I am more focused when I’m reading my Bible, or listening to a pastor or teacher.

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