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Books to Read my Daughter

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Reading has always been a major aspect of my daily life. When my siblings and I were young, our parents would read the Bible, classic Children’s books, and humorous short stories to us on what seemed to be a daily basis. From the time I could read on my own, I would read myself to sleep every night.

Growing up, reading was about so much more than basic literacy. Reading taught me to use my imagination, to engage with history, and it instilled real-life values in meaningful ways. As a new mom, I want to pass these things on to my daughter. The best way I know how is to read to her some of those same books my parents read to me. So today I wanted to share with you

7 Books to Read to Your Daughter:

Spoiler: several of these overlap with my post, Mother-Daughter Movie Night.

Anne of Green Gables

I loved all things Anne of Green Gables when I was young…and I still do. Prince Edward Island is somewhere I’d love to visit. I had a porcelain Anne doll prominently displayed on my bookshelf (despite the fact that she’s had a broken leg for as long as I can remember.) And I absolutely adored the miniseries. But the entire book series is worth reading over and over again. I would just love it if someone would buy me this adorable hardcover version (hint hint.)

The Little House on the Prairie

Another series worth reading over and over. My mother read all of these to us when I was really young, multiple times I’m sure. We did unit studies on these books. We learned about the history, the geography, the animals mentioned, we even had a cookbook or two. I’ve read them a few times on my own since, though it’s been a few years. This is another one that I just love the tv series of…although it doesn’t stick particularly close to the books.

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia

I remember my dad reading some of these books to us. Perhaps he read them all, but only a few stick out in my mind. I did read them on my own as a teenager, and they were every bit as magical as I remembered. Though it’s fantasy and doesn’t much to offer about history or geography, it offers so much in terms of adventure and life lessons.

Little Women (Puffin in Bloom)

I’m not sure how a young girl can hear the “Marmee speech” and not feel encouraged and empowered. This is *the* book that epitomizes the mother/daughter relationship in the best possible way. Each of the four daughters has her own unique personality, gifts, and challenges. I’m positive that any young girl can find something to relate to in this story. There’s also a TON of great film adaptations of this…but this one’s my favorite!

To Kill a Mockingbird

Fun fact: I’m fairly certain that this is the book I’ve read the most. I read it twice for pleasure, and twice for school. It is one of my absolute favorites. Although some of the themes are more mature, the fact that it is told from a young girls perspective makes it both subtle and relatable. Also, the movie version sticks extremely close to the book…a lot of the dialogue is directly from the book. And that’s a win in my book.

Sarah, Plain and Tall

TBH, I haven’t read this since I was super young, and I don’t remember a lot of the details. I do remember it was fairly short, but it seemed like a “grown-up” book to me at the time. I know this was another book that captured my imagination and taught me about an unfamiliar era in a really engaging way. And that’s definitely worth sharing with the next generation.

The Secret Garden

Another classic that I haven’t read in a VERY long time. It’s actually kind of depressing if you think about it…but I’m sure I didn’t think about it that hard when I was young. I was mostly just fascinated by the characters and the whole romantic idea of a secret garden. This definitely became a central theme for my sister and I when we would play pretend outside. Mostly based on the movie which we watched countless times. But the book is of course worth mentioning.

Honorable Mentions:

A Little Princess. Little Men(fun fact: I actually enjoyed reading this more than Little Women when I was younger.) Any of the original American Girl historical series. The Ramona books (I also remember liking Ellen Tebbits and The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary). Any Nancy Drew books.

7 Books to Read with your daughters


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