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Mother-Daughter Movie Night

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My mom and I have very similar taste in movies and books – probably because she raised me. And since my mother and I both have a birthday this week, I thought I would share some of our favorite movies – and ones I think would be great for other moms to watch with their daughters.

I’m also preparing to welcome my own daughter into the world in just a few short weeks, so you can consider this a sentimental pre-baby girl post of some of the movies I’m hoping to share with her some day.


Emma is both mine and my moms favorite Jane Austen book. It is so witty and fun to read. This adaptation of it is extremely close to the book. Even many of the lines are direct quotes. Highly recommend this for any girls movie night.

Little Women

Another classic book that I just love, this movie version of Little Women is just so charming. Winona Ryder makes a great Jo, and you just can’t help but love Christian Bale as Laurie.

Anne of Green Gables

This entire series is simply wonderful. I can’t tell you how many times my mother, sister and I have watched it. It really is everything you could want in a series – funny, heartwarming, and absolutely beautiful to watch.

While You Were Sleeping

One of my favorite romantic comedies – Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman are the perfect 90’s couple. I have seriously made all of my friends watch it. And every single one has ended up loving it.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This is the best movie to watch if you just need a good laugh. It’s such a cute story, with tons of actually funny humor (which is honestly quite rare for romantic comedies.)

Steel Magnolias

So I haven’t actually watched this one with my mom – but it’s a great mother daughter story that’s both heartbreaking and hilarious. It’s a classic that I’ve only been introduced to recently, and it is SO good!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

I don’t think I could have a mother-daughter movie post without including this musical. It’s such a fun movie with super catchy songs. I grew up singing/quoting this musical at home constantly. And I’ve watched it so many times, I’m sure I could sing the entire thing from beginning to end. #noshame.

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