Pregnancy Update

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As many of you know, we are expecting our first baby in May. I haven’t written much about pregnancy so far, because it has been flying by. So now that I’m in my 30th week (as of tomorrow) I thought I would give a quick update, and recap my pregnancy so far. And my goodness, it has been busy!

First Trimester:

The first trimester was super busy, super yucky, and super tiring. Obviously, being pregnant is tiring enough. Now add to that, house hunting, never-ending nausea, Ivan being gone for a couple of weeks, several trips, and preparing to move out of our first house.

As I mentioned, Ivan was out of town for work for a few weeks, which was lame, but it did allow me the last minute chance to join my sister in visiting our friend Bethany in California. I was already feeling nauseous at this point but hadn’t yet taken a pregnancy test. But by the time I arrived home, I was pretty sure what the result would be. Literally, the day after I got home from this trip I threw up 3 times. So I took a test at home, called Ivan, and scheduled a blood test at the military family clinic.

I only very briefly considered waiting until Ivan got home the next weekend to tell him. But honestly, I felt so miserable, I was afraid not to tell someone what was going on since I would be home alone for several more days. Even if he wasn’t at home, I knew he would check in on me, so that was reassuring.

Just a couple of days after Ivan got home, we left again to visit his family in San Diego. We had already called and told them (and my family) the news over the phone. Apparently, we just aren’t good at cutesy announcements. I felt some better on this trip, than in the previous two weeks. I was super careful to eat first thing in the morning, take my vitamins, and keep something in my stomach at all times. But I still felt vaguely nauseous pretty much all the time. And would for several weeks to come.

After this trip we spent the next four weeks back in El Paso, packing

house, painting, and preparing for our move to San Antonio. After two back-to-back trips, plus house hunting several weeks before that, I was so glad to be home for a while. And I felt much better for it. But it was bittersweet to be packing up our first home.

At week 12, I finally had my first ultrasound, on the same day the movers came to take away all of our earthly possessions. After camping out in our empty El Paso house for a few days, we caravaned from El Paso to San Antonio. We then lived out of a hotel for a few days, before flying to Alabama to visit my family.

Second Trimester:

After some time in Alabama, Ivan and I took our big trip to Europe. We didn’t know I was pregnant when we planned it, but it ended up being the perfect time for a “Babymoon.” Thankfully, I was finally starting to feel back to normal. And other than a bit of motion sickness, and a slight cold, I felt myself again. I finally had a little energy again. And I was so glad to have an appetite for the first time in months. Especially in light of all of the yummy Italian and Greek food that awaited me, because #priorities.

After arriving back from Europe, we spent Thanksgiving Eve with my family. Then we flew back to San Antonio early on Thanksgiving Day. When we got back to San Antonio, our house was move-in ready. Buuuut we had to wait to pick up the keys until the next day. Which meant one more day of hotel living. At this point, we had already been homeless for about a month, so honestly, it wasn’t a big deal. Plus our furniture wouldn’t be delivered for another week. I was more than happy to delay sleeping on an air mattress another day.

We spent our Thanksgiving totally jet-lagged, and only emerged from the hotel to eat lunch at Taco Cabana (v. Thanksgiving-y, right?) I feel asleep around 3 pm and woke up the next morning around 3 am. Since we were both already wide awake, we decided to do some Black Friday shopping. But apparently the early morning Black Friday shopping craze is a thing of the past because it was a ghost town. After some very calm early morning shopping, we finally picked up our house keys and began to settle into our new house.

The month of December was full of unpacking, exploring San Antonio, Ivan’s PA school orientation, Ivan’s family visiting, Christmas, and my family visiting. Plus all of the usual Christmas things – decorations, cookie-baking, movie-watching, and such. This was our first time spending Christmas Day in our own home, and it was so nice to NOT be traveling during this month. And especially nice that we still were able to see our families over the holiday.

A few days before Christmas, I had my 20 week ultrasound, where we were hoping to find out the gender, but baby was not cooperative. But they did see that I had a two vessel umbilical cord (instead of the usual three) so I was referred for a more detailed ultrasound a few weeks later. The typical military insurance only covers “medically necessary” ultrasounds, so that usually means one at 12 weeks and 20 weeks.

Since they noticed something out of the ordinary on mine, I get regular ultrasounds to monitor growth – which has ended up being a blessing in disguise. Two vessel cords aren’t dangerous but are less common, so they do monitor you more closely. Which for me means getting to see the baby more often, getting to see the baby in 4D – and getting to find out the gender even though they couldn’t tell on the original ultrasound.

And, for those of you who don’t follow me on InstagramIT’S A GIRL.

The last month of my second trimester was spent getting into a new routine with our new life here in San Antonio. Ivan’s school schedule has been very strenuous, which has been an adjustment. Whereas before he was away from home often, now he’s home but always studying.

I’ve also been making friends, and finding ways to stay busy. And trying to apply my word of the year in as many ways as possible. Plus I’ve already been reading a lot more than last year, which I’m quite proud of.

Third Trimester:

I’ve just started my third trimester, so there’s not much to report. Overall I expect it to be less crazy than the first two. I do have one trip planned to go home one more time before baby girl arrives, so I’m looking forward to that family time. Otherwise, I hope to have lots of time to prepare for baby (ie. shopping, reading, resting, cooking.)

What’s your best advice for before baby arrives? I’d love to hear your book suggestions, favorite freezer recipes, and all of the baby-prep advice.

Baby Update - Third Trimester Pregnancy Recap | Julia Auburn | #pregnancy #baby #bumpdate #thirdtrimester #secondtrimester #firsttrimester #babymoon #pregnancyrecap #christianparenting #parenting #motherhood

Baby Update - Third Trimester Pregnancy Recap | Julia Auburn | #pregnancy #baby #bumpdate #thirdtrimester #secondtrimester #firsttrimester #babymoon #pregnancyrecap #christianparenting #parenting #motherhood

Baby Update - Third Trimester Pregnancy Recap | Julia Auburn | #pregnancy #baby #bumpdate #thirdtrimester #secondtrimester #firsttrimester #babymoon #pregnancyrecap #christianparenting #parenting #motherhoodBaby Update - Third Trimester Pregnancy Recap | Julia Auburn | #pregnancy #baby #bumpdate #thirdtrimester #secondtrimester #firsttrimester #babymoon #pregnancyrecap #christianparenting #parenting #motherhood



  • Heather Hart

    Congratulations on your up and coming little one! I don’t have any great words of wisdom, except that there is no one-size-fits-all advice. Do what works best for you and don’t sweat the rest.

  • Emily Fagan

    Wow! You’ve been so busy. I know pregnancy exhaustion probably made it a lot more difficult, but it sounds like you’ve been very productive! So sweet that you’ve been able to see baby girl a lot more! Let me know if you find any good freezer recipes! I was just telling my husband last night that our freezer is going to be packed in a few months!

    • juliaauburn

      I definitely will! I have a few standards that I’m planning to double up and freeze half in the near future, but I’m hoping to find some new things to try out too.

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