Friday Favorites – Valentines Edition

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It’s been a while since I last did a Friday Favorites roundup (like 5 months a while) so I thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect opportunity to pick it back up. This is not a gift guide, but just a few of my favorite Valentines/Love themed things that I think my readers may enjoy just as much as I do.


Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I personally think this is one of the funniest movies of all time. It’s definitely in my top two chick flicks of all time. (Right up there with While You Were Sleeping if you were wondering.) I will gladly watch this movie any day of the week, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a fun, light-hearted chick flick.


Recipe: Graham Cracker Conversation Hearts

I’ve had these graham cracker conversation hearts pinned since at least 3 Valentine’s Days ago. I haven’t yet made them…but hopefully, this year will change that. I have no expectation that they will end up looking this pretty, but the thought of fresh out of the oven graham crackers is literally making my mouth water. As I said, haven’t made them yet, so they might taste like trash. If you decide to make them and they do, please don’t blame me.


Song: Question by the Old 97’s

Valentine’s Day is all about cutesy things, and I really can’t think of a cuter song than this one. Give it a listen.


Book: The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

I’ve been reading this book along with a few friends in a small bible study group, and it has been great so far. I can’t vouch for it in its entirety since I haven’t finished yet, but I’ve really enjoyed it. The author does a great job of bringing together facts, statistics and studies in a way that is truly thought-provoking. He goes deeper than the studies he quotes and talks about the true “meaning of marriage” (imagine that) from a gospel-perspective. Highly recommend for Christians who are married, thinking of getting married, or just wanting to get married one day in the distant future.


Chocolate: Ritter Sport Bars, Dark Chocolate with Marzipan, 3.5 Ounce (4 pack)

I can’t exactly write a Valentine’s post without including something about chocolate. And let me tell you, I eat enough chocolate to know what I’m talking about. Lately, and by lately I mean for the past year or two, my absolute favorite candy bar is this one. I don’t mean to seem super pretentious or anything, but I’m kind of obsessed with dark chocolate and marzipan. I love all things almond, so I thought marzipan would be right up my alley. And I was oh so right. Do your chocolate-almond-loving-self a favor and try one of these for Valentines. The packaging is red and everything.


Cards: Puritan Valentines

What is Valentine’s Day without some funny cards? I’m not big on sappy things, so a good laugh is really the best expression of love. In perusing my old Pinterest pins for inspiration on this post, I stumbled upon these College Humor Puritan Valentine Cards that I recall made my laugh out loud the first (dozen) time(s) I read them.


Instagram: Hayley Solano

I’m not sure why (well, other than the whites and pinks and prettiness) but Hayley Solano’s entire Instagram feed just *feels* like Valentine’s Day. I always love seeing her beautiful photos – and I think many of you will as well. So you’re welcome.


Let me know what you’d include on your personal favorite Valentine things roundup!

Friday Favorite's Valentine's Day Edition | Julia Auburn | #valentine #valentinesday #love #favorites #roundup #blogroundup #links #fridayfavorites

Friday Favorite's Valentine's Day Edition | Julia Auburn | #valentine #valentinesday #love #favorites #roundup #blogroundup #links #fridayfavorites



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