8 Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

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Over the past few months, I’ve been listening to a TON of podcasts. Mostly because I spend 75% of my life home alone, and it’s nice to have someone talking in the background of whatever I’m doing. But also because I really love learning. So I’ve discovered some great podcasts for female entrepreneurs and creatives that I think can be a great resource for you, no matter what specific industry you work in.

I’m not going to claim myself as a “Female Entrepreneur” by a long shot – but I find these ladies podcasts to be so inspiring to me as I figure out this whole “freelancing” thing.

Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur wanna-be, a mompreneur, a freelancer, or a jack of all trades, I’m sure you’ll find that one or more of these podcasts resonates with you.

1. Christy Wright’s Business Boutique

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Podcast is steadily climbing the ranks of my favorite entrepreneurship podcast. Christy is super down to earth and seems like someone I would know in real life. She gives great advice to her audience, has on super interesting guests, and covers a ton of practical and relevant topics.

2. The Profit Planner Podcast

The Profit Planner podcast is the first podcast I listened to in the realm of Entrepreneurship/Business podcasts. A lot of her episodes don’t apply specifically to me, but I enjoy listening to any that have to do with Social Media, SEO, and passive income because she has so much knowledge in this realm!

3. The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon is the host of The Influencer Podcast and she is a wealth of information on branding, pitching, and social media. I particularly like listening to the Influencer Insights episodes, which are mini-episodes that gives a few simple bullet points that are easy to apply.

4. The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher wins the award for the catchiest podcast name in my book. Plus she has a super upbeat personality, which is fun to listen to. Her podcast is a great place to learn about all things social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

5. The Classy Career Girl Podcast

This podcast covers a wide range of career-related content – from job interview tips to finding clients. I’m convinced any girl can find an episode on exactly what they are currently working on. There are always really interesting guests on this podcast as well.

6. RISE podcast

I’ve heard a million people talk about Rachel Hollis and her book Girl, Wash Your Face. While I haven’t read the book yet, I did listen to a couple episodes of her RISE podcast. The typical episode includes an interview with another entrepreneur and ends with a tangible takeaway.

7. Letters from a Hopeful Creative

Admittedly, my favorite thing about this podcast is the British accents. But each episode is different, answering a letter from a hopeful creative, as the name would imply. They’re pretty short podcasts, and give some good advice for a variety of situations that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives face.

8. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Don’t Keep Your Day Job is about exactly what it sounds like – taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship. I actually haven’t listened to this much – but I did listen to the host’s interview on the Business Boutique podcast. So I know I like the host, and I’m looking forward to listening to this one in the future. I also like that the brand color scheme on this one is not pink. But that’s besides the point.


What are your favorite entrepreneurship/business podcasts? I’d love to hear your recommendations and possibly add to this list in the future.

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8Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs | JuliaAuburn | #podcasts #entrepreneurpodcasts #girlbosspodcasts #femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneurpodcasts #girlbossinspirations #womenatwork #workfromanywhere #workfromwherever #mompreneur #creativebusiness #seekinspirecreate #workhard

8 Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs | JuliaAuburn | #podcasts #entrepreneurpodcasts #girlbosspodcasts #femaleentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneurpodcasts #girlbossinspirations #womenatwork #workfromanywhere #workfromwherever #mompreneur #creativebusiness #seekinspirecreate #workhard



  • Miranda

    This looks like a great list! I haven’t heard of some of them so I will be interested to check them out. Have you heard of “Do it Scared” by Ruth Soukup? I am loving her podcast!

  • Francesca Phillips

    Hey Julia!

    Love this list. The Goal Digger and Influencer Podcast are two of my favorites! Have you also listened to What The Eff? It’s hosted by two women names Taylor and Sydney and it’s so great! They talk about priming, alignment, and staying in the right mindset to achieve your goals. So good!

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