Fall Bucket List

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Happy September! I know Fall may still be a long way off for many of my readers, but to celebrate the beginning of a new month, I wanted to take some time to look ahead to all the lovely things that Fall brings. So today, I thought I would do something a little different, and share with you a fall bucket list, along with a free printable where you can print this list, or make your own, as you dream along with me about cooler weather and warmer lattes.

So without further ado, here’s my Fall Bucket List:

Bake a Pie

Pumpkin, apple, pecan, sweet potato. There’s a lot of good baking that’s associated with Fall. So take this season as an excuse to indulge a little. After all, Fall only comes around once a year.

Read a Book and sip some tea or cider or a PSL

I’ll take any excuse to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of coffee, and the hopefully cooler weather that comes along with Autumn is the perfect time to come home and relax after a busy day of school or work.

Decorate for Fall

Pumpkins, mums, and leaves! Oh my! Hobby Lobby has been spilling over with Fall decorations since Easter, but you’ve most likely been good and avoided those aisles. Well, avoid them no more, because Fall is upon us! And Hobby Lobby always has coupons and sales, so it’s fine.

Make an Autumn craft

And while you’re at Hobby Lobby anyways, why not get your creative gears running and pick a fun seasonal craft project. There are a million ideas on Pinterest for wreaths and centerpieces and wall hangings. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something in your taste and skillset with a quick search of the internet.

Burn a Fall scented candle

Your sense of smell is intricately associated with memory. If you want to be reminded of fun fall days baking, or cooking, or camping, candles are the best way to bring those memories back in full force. So burn that pumpkin butter candle, girl, you deserve it.

Try a new soup recipe

Soups are great. You can plop all the ingredients in a crockpot, and come home 8 hours later to a warm and delicious home-cooked meal. I’m a big fan of this, so soups are a diet staple in our household from September to April.

Make a Fall Playlist

Is it just me, or do different seasons have different genres that fit them best? To me, Fall seems the most Fall-like with some Simon and Garfunkle or James Taylor in the background. Maybe to you, Fall sounds like heavy metal or punk rock. You do you, man.

Knit a scarf, hat, or a baby blanket.

Or crochet. Or sew. Or whatever floats your boat. Knitting and crocheting seem inherently Fall-ish, so maybe like me, you have a lot of ideas of things to make, but just haven’t been feeling it. Well, Autumn is the perfect time to start a new project. Especially when you have a yummy smelling candle burning and some relaxing music playing.

Go to a Football Game

I couldn’t very well make a list about Fall without including football. Fall and Football season are synonymous where I come from, and they really do make the perfect pair. So go ahead, go to a local game, or have a watch party and eat lots of unhealthy appetizers. Football season really is the most wonderful time of the year, so don’t miss it! And War Eagle 😉

Enjoy a scenic drive

Whether you live where the Fall colors make a huge display, or you have to drive a few hours to see any foliage, Autumn is a wonderful time to make a scenic drive. Even if the colors aren’t spectacular where you are, hopefully, the weather is favorable for a nice outing.

Visit the Farmers Market

Nothing tastes better than fresh produce. So go to your local farmers market and buy you a ton of in-season goodies. Apples, carrots, greens, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins are just a few things you can start looking for as the weather gets cooler.

Go on a Picnic

If you live somewhere HOT like I do, spending much time outside in the Summer is not really a viable option. But we do get a lot of really pleasant days in the Fall (and Winter, and Spring) to enjoy spending some time outdoors. A picnic is a great way to spend some time with friends and family, play some games, and enjoy a low-key meal. And if you have an adorable picnic basket, it’s even better. My mom has had one Like This One forever, but I have my eye on This Adorable Basket

Go apple picking

Ok, so I’ve never actually done this one. But if you live somewhere where apple picking is a big thing – go for it. It looks like a lot of fun, or at least like a great photo opp for your insta feed. Do it for the gram.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze

This is fun whether you’re 2 or 52. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hay rides just scream Fall. If you want to put yourself in the Autumn mood, then you can’t go wrong with one of these options. Plus sometimes these will include yummy goodies like pumpkin pie, candied apples, or kettle corn. And who can say no to that?

Go Hiking

Like I said earlier, outdoor activities are not super common for us to partake in during the summer due to the heat, but we do enjoy being active. One of the outdoor activities we enjoy is hiking. There are tons of trails in El Paso, and we enjoy discovering new ones when we can. Fall is a great opportunity to discover some new trails because we don’t feel like we have to finish up early to beat the heat.

Roast Marshmallows

If camping is your thing, then you already know that Autumn is prime camping season. But if camping is less your thing, you probably still know that Fall is prime marshmallow roasting season. Because s’mores are the best invention ever. And they taste just as good in your backyard as in the woods. Or in the toaster oven if you’re desperate. Regardless of how you prepare them, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that S’mores aren’t the most delicious dessert. But that’s neither here nor there.

And that concludes my Fall Bucket List! If you’d like a printable version of this list, or a printable version you can fill in yourself, sign up for my mailing list below.

Let me know what activities you’d add to this list in the comments!

Fall Bucket List | Julia Auburn | #autumn #september #fall #freeprintable #freebies #fallbucketlistprintable #fallprintables #bucketlistprintables #worksheet #fallworksheet
Free Fall Bucket List Printable | JuliaAuburn |#freeprintable #freebies #fallbucketlistprintable #fallprintables #bucketlistprintables #worksheet #fallworksheet Free Fall Bucket List Printable | JuliaAuburn |#freeprintable #freebies #fallbucketlistprintable #fallprintables #bucketlistprintables #worksheet #fallworksheet
Fall Bucket List | Julia Auburn | #autumn #september #fall #freeprintable #freebies #fallbucketlistprintable #fallprintables #bucketlistprintables #worksheet #fallworksheet


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