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Monthly Goals – September

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Last month, I shared my monthly goals for August so I wanted to review those and evaluate what worked for me and what didn’t. I also want to go ahead and share my new goals for the month of September – some of them are repeats of August, but I really want to refine my goals each month to tailor them to what I need. I hope that through this goal setting exercise, I’ll learn what helps me to be productive by outlining what I need to accomplish, what will help me to grow, and what is actually practical for me this month.

August Goals:


  • Use my real camera every day. FAIL. I did use it more than usual, so I’ll call this a half success.
  • Read at least 2 books. YEP! I finished reading Bonhoeffer, read All the Light We Cannot See, and listened to Revolution in World Missions, which I had read several years ago. 
  • Complete 2 arts and crafts projects. YEP!
  • Play the piano every week. YEP!
  • Memorize 4 bible verses. YEP!


  • Build an email list for my blog. YEP! Feel free to subscribe – I won’t complain!
  • Write and host 2 guest blog posts. FAIL. But this was another half success because I did a guest post swap with Emily Fagan which was a lot of fun! 
  • Post 6 total blog posts. YEP! As long as you count this one…and I do 😉 
  • Listen to 4 educational business/marketing podcasts. YEP! Definitely exceeded this goal. I’ve discovered a lot of great podcasts lately, so I’ll definitely be sharing some recommendations soon!
  • Gain 1 new freelance client. YEP! And I even did some additional work for a previous client, and gained some new leads for future clients. 

I do feel like setting goals has helped to motivate me to actually accomplish those things that I say I want to accomplish, so I’m hoping I will have similar results next month. Even for those tasks that I didn’t totally succeed at, I didn’t feel like I totally failed at them either.

September Goals:


  • Read 2 Books
  • Memorize 4 Verses
  • Learn new piano songs (I usually just play things I already know or can pick up on easily, so I’m wanting to challenge myself a bit more in this realm. If you have any piano solo books you recommend, lmk!)
  • Open my house up to friends more often
  • Wake up earlier


  • Gain 1 new freelance client
  • Finish freebies for my mailing list subscribers (Spoiler Alert: You guys will be getting a little sneak peak on Tuesday if you’re on my mailing list – but I have a TON of stuff in the works.)
  • Post 6 blogs
  • Network more



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